About Us

About Us

About Royal Sketch Landscape

We are specialized in creating sustainable outdoor spaces through innovative and eco-conscious design concepts and elements. The focus is on creative eye-catching design and architecture company based in Madurai, implementing rare and unusual plants as focal points and accent all to your exacting standards. Our designs typically include a mix of soft landscape, hard landscape and outdoor living spaces. Whatever your vision is, Our experienced team of designers can bring it to life.

We are one of the best landscape architect and garden designing companies based in Madurai. But we serve all over TAMILNADU. Our enthusiastic team will help to make your garden design innovative and brings life to your garden. We undertake all commercial residential garden Landscaping, waterfalls, fountains, designing works and landscape architectural work.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Why Royal Sketch Landscape

Quick Project Completion

From start to finish we handle your project with speed and precision. Nothing more frustrating than having to wait to see your dreams turned into reality!

Personal Project Management

Be in regular communication with the person who is bringing your project to life! Keep your finger on the pulse of how everything is coming together without guessing.

and Tidy

No one has time to deal with sloppy work and managing a clean-up after a job is done.
We will leave your landscape in better shape than when we found it!


Shri G.R CHANDHAR (Horticulture) founder of Royal sketch landscape had started the landscaping business in Mumbai with product-oriented category like fountains, pots, plants and served all over Tamilnadu many commercial, residential, and government projects was done by his creative authentic touch.

Managing Director

MR.C. ARUN CHANDHAR (Landscape Architect) took over the business in 2012 as managing director and made remarkable changes such as converting the business not only product-oriented but also service base such as professional Landscaping Architect.

Founder – Shri G.R CHANDHAR

Our Prestigious Clients

Refreshing works from Royal sketch exclusive Design!

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