Terms and Conditions

Royal Sketch Landscape Service Terms and Conditions

1. By accepting the quotation, paying the advance required and the contract starting. The client is deemed to accept all of the terms and conditions listed above along with the scope of works supplied.

2. Maintenance to the works has not been allowed for unless specifically included within the quotation.

3. Watering of the plants has not been allowed for within our quotation and once the contract has been completed becomes the responsibility of the client.

4. All watering of plants and turf become the responsibility of the client once the contract has been completed and ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPE cannot accept any responsibility for the survival once the contract has been completed.

5. We accept no responsibility for the defects over and above failing to break out into leaf unless a formal maintenance contract is entered into.

6. No responsibility will be accepted for damage of Lawn & plants caused to mains services not notified.

7. Once an estimate has been accepted, any changes or additions will be subject to a price review of our company.

8. ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPEcannot be held responsible for slight color variations, which occur, in concrete products structures such as flooring & wall& designing

9. In extreme changes of weather conditions, certain plants and materials, such as terracotta, some natural stone and other paving can be affected, suffering damage if not protected. The client should take the necessary precautions to prevent damage as this is out of our control.

10. To keep within the guarantee of various water pump manufacturers and to prolong the life expectancy, the protection should be carried out to the guidelines in the instructions by the client.ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPE will replace a defective pump within 3 months of installation after which the client must deal with our company customer care direct if still within the guarantee period.

11. Prices are open to acceptance up to two months from the date of the quotation received by the client

12. Ownership of the materials and equipment will not pass until final payment is made. The Landscape Gardener can recover any materials in the work area of non-payment. The customer agrees to allow access to the site for this purpose.

13. All materials and machinery left on-site during works become the client responsibility once employees have left the site.

14. Copyright laws cover all designs. Our drawings or design cannot be reproduced without prior written consent by ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPE. Once payment is received from the client, the client may not approach other contractors to quote for our project.

15. We reserve the right to use any drawings, photographs or plans undertaken by us for any future publications or displays whilst ensuring the anonymity of the respective client.

16. Completion Date of the Works is intended to be completed as agreed between the clients from time to time.

17. The Client shall pay to the company if any Value Added Tax properly chargeable on the supply to the Client of any goods and services under these terms.

18. The client shall be entitled to pay interim payments at the intervals stated in the Quotation

19. The Client shall give our company full possession of the Site together with proper and adequate access to allow us to carry out and complete the Works and shall commence the Works on Site on the Commencement Date

20. Materials delivered to site become the responsibility of the Client, ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPE accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or expense after delivery of the materials to site for any reason

21. ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPE undertakes to execute the basic requirements for the initial establishment of planting and grass areas, but, following the practical completion of the contract, the responsibility for proper maintenance of the site passes to the Client. (Guidance on maintenance operations will be supplied on request)

22. ROYAL SKETCH LANDSCAPEguarantees that all plants and trees will be inherently healthy when supplied. Planting and maintenance guidance is available on request, however responsibility for loss after the first growing season, cannot be accepted since site conditions are beyond the Client control

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